Same-Day Delivery

Fast, Convenient, and Reliable store-to-door delivery

End customers are able to receive their packages within specific and narrow windows, enabling the ultimate level of convenience. 24/7 live support and on-time delivery rates 98.5% or higher ensure consistently high NPS scores.

Use Same-day delivery to

cart conversion

Increase customer retention and overall brand loyalty

Boost AOVs
by as much as 30%

AxleHire’s Same-Day delivery option allows you to

Have branded
last mile tracking

Offer specific
delivery windows

Have branded
delivery notifications

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Why AxleHire is better

Learn about our end-to-end capabilities.


We have the most efficient routing solution, real-time updates come when we need them.

Fleet Management

Resource allocation algorithms match supply to demand to have a 98.5% or higher delivery rate.

Inventory Management

Scans at every step of the way help us know what’s where. We have a .005% loss rate.


End-to-end updates give your customers the transparency they expect.

Customer Support

Our 24/7 dispatch facility helps your operations team with any question they may have.