AxleHire is the leading delivery service for Perishables & Meal kits

Delivered the same day or next day, AxleHire provides a faster, more convenient, and more flexible delivery service for Meal Kits & Perishables.

Time and temperature sensitive deliveries require sophisticated operations, a track record of excellence and experience with the world’s largest companies.

AxleHire develops iterative SOP-based workflows with multiple controls to get you the 98.5% on-time delivery rate you need.

Tailored for Perishables/Meal Kits

Cold Chain

We can extend your cold chain by providing temperature-controlled storage from the middle-mile to last-mile transportation.

Customer Care

We provide meticulous transparency at every step of the delivery and access to live support 24/7.

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Offer fast, reliable delivery and a great delivery experience.