What happens when a driver runs into an issue delivering a package to your customer? It could be an invalid gate code, an address mapped incorrectly, or a wrong apartment number. There may be a typo on the original order form. In last-mile delivery, we call these exceptions, and how your carrier chooses to handle exceptions can have a massive impact on the image and success of your brand.

AxleHire recently provided some tips for reducing the impact of exceptions on your customers in a post on Sales Technology Insights.

So what happens when a driver gets to your customer’s apartment complex and finds the gate code incorrect? Does the box automatically get tossed in the back of the truck so the driver can head to the next stop? Or do the driver and carrier care enough about getting it right on the first attempt to take a little extra time to try to sort out the issue?

For the carrier, dealing with delivery exceptions comes down to a matter of will—an attitude that says we’ll take the extra time and effort to get it right the first time. And we will provide our drivers with the tools to resolve issues in the field. Through their app, AxleHire drivers can connect directly with dispatch. They can communicate directly through SMS with your end customer to get the information they need to get each package to the correct location on the first attempt. To find out more, contact us here.