By the time you read this, there will be less than 66 days until Christmas. There are less than 36 days until Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you’re already noticing your online sales volume creeping up as early shoppers begin locking in their holiday gift purchases. And you’re already paying peak season surcharges on shipping with the major carriers.

Your shipping partners tell you they’re ready for this year’s capacity. However, you still have heartburn at the costs associated with getting all of your packages delivered on time— especially the last-minute orders the week of Christmas. Continue reading below to learn this peak season’s top challenges.

This peak season’s biggest challenges delivering to e-commerce customers (including peak season surcharges)

The cost of volume surges

No one knows what e-commerce consumer demand will be this holiday season. You’d think that with the physical capacity upgrades made by the major carriers, peak season surcharges would be somewhat reasonable. But no, they are still at a premium and most-likely blowing your holiday logistics budget. So it’s pretty much a given that at some point this holiday season, like every holiday season, some e-commerce companies will be scrambling to find more reasonable pricing. Is that you? Do you need more affordable prices for peak season surcharges?

Last-minute holiday purchases

Same-day and next-day service will be available from national carriers the week of Christmas, but the costs are so high they are prohibitive for many e-commerce brands. How many sales will you lose this year when your customer runs to the local store for that last-minute gift rather than pay inflated delivery rates to guarantee Christmas delivery from your online store?

It’s safe to say that if you could deliver at ground rates for same-/next-day deliveries instead of 4-7 days, you could extend the peak buying season up to December 22. And if you could deliver next-day at close-to-ground shipping rates, you could rake in even more last-minute sales. So who doesn’t want next-day/same-day deliveries at ground rates (or close to it)?

How AxleHire can help your e-commerce business this peak shipping season

Using a fleet of gig drivers and proprietary technology, AxleHire is ideally suited for surge capacity and last-minute buyers. AxleHire can spin up capacity faster than most carriers. In the event of a surge, AxleHire can take last-minute injections into our warehouses with no delays or additional charges for delivery!

AxleHire’s standard service is next-day delivery at close-to-ground shipping rates, with same-day delivery also available at close-to-ground rates. Affordable next-/same-day deliveries allow online retailers to extend the holiday buying season late into the week before Christmas without increasing delivery pricing. An extended holiday sales window and lower delivery rates mean more last-minute sales and higher margins for your e-commerce brand.

And by the way, if you need a new carrier, AxleHire can typically onboard new shipping customers in weeks. That means there is still time to include AxleHire in your plans for this holiday season, but the clock is ticking. Contact us to learn more: