Check out our API documentation!

A shipment is an abstract entity that represents a package info, client info, recipient info, etc. A job is a collection of shipments which would be approved by the owner client (you) at some cut-off points. Before the container job is APPROVED, those created shipments inside are just considered non-official drafts.

An API token is retrieved by logging into the client app:

  1. For staging, go to https://calypso.staging.axlehire.com, otherwise, go to https://my.axlehire.com.
  2. Go to “Account” on the top right
  3. Click “Generate API Token” button on the bottom right of the screen. There you will be able to copy it to your clipboard for future use.

Not Yet. But by August, this will be possible!

Currently if a job is already APPROVED, there is no way to add/remove/modify any shipments inside of it. This design was intended to protect the integrity of the data while it’s being processed by our routing engine.

If the job is in the status CREATED or GEOCODE_FAILED, then you can try making 2 calls:

  1. DELETE jobShipment from the wrong job or
  2. POST jobShipment to the correct job

For the API, we standardized it to London time zone, so always upload it via London time zone.

When you make a call to


you will get everything you need to know about this shipment including the tracking_code.

On staging, the tracking url is http://gaia.staging.axlehire.com/<TRACKING_CODE>

On production, the tracking url is http://track.axlehire.com/<TRACKING_CODE>

Staging base URL is https://ares.staging.axlehire.com/api/v2

Production base URL is https://ares.axlehire.com/api/v2

Check out our API documentation!