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No-Touch Deliveries & COVID-19

Posted March 24, 2020

We take the health and safety of the community very seriously at AxleHire. With the current situation around COVID-19, AxleHire’s priority is the safety of you and our customers. We have decided to create a different procedure around attended deliveries.


Please take note of the procedure as we will be proceeding with this until further notice.

No-Touch Procedure

1. Once arriving at the door of the delivery, place the shipment near the door.

2. Take a few steps back and complete all the requirements.


3. The signature button will open a pop-up where you can send a link to the customer to sign for the shipment on their own phones.

NOTE: The customer may or may not open the door to check the shipment. Please respect the customer and stay at least 6 feet away.

4. They will open the link and sign on their own device.

5. Once the signature has been received, the app will send you a push notification and refresh automatically or you can click the refresh button on the top right corner.

If the signature is not collected, contact the customer.

If the customer did not receive the link, the signature must be collected the traditional way (which is only available 30 seconds after sending the link). Clicking on Customer didn’t receive a link? will display the Collect In-App button, which would allow to collect signature/id-scan respectively on your phone.

If the customer is not comfortable with this, please let them know to update the preference on the tracking link. After they opt out of the signature, you can refresh the app and treat it like an unattended delivery and not collect the signature.

6. Complete the shipment with the reason “Left with/at customer” and move on in the assignment.

If you run into any complications during deliveries, please contact dispatch and they will be available to help you.

We also want to take this time to thank you for your dedication to service our clients and your community whether you are new or veteran. AxleHire wants to thank you for your bravery and willingness to help others receive their shipments which include a lot of essentials during this time.

Please make sure to comply with the CDC guidelines to keep you and others safe.


The AxleHire Team