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Early Payouts Feature

Posted July 22, 2020

Hello everyone!

We are excited to introduce a new feature in the driver app so that you are able to have more control over your finances. It is called Early Payout.

It is an option for you to receive a portion of your earnings earlier than the regular pay day.


This option is available to you for a fee of 10%

Here is how to access this feature:

Early Payout

1. Go to the history tab and tap on the pending cycle where you will see this screen:


2. The button will give you access to the early payout option.


3. Here you can select how much you would like to withdraw from your balance. The first option (1) is the maximum amount with the fee calculated. The second option (2) is a custom amount.

** The custom amount cannot exceed the maximum amount shown on the first option.

4. Then you will come to a screen explaining how your transfer is being broken down by assignments.


5. Then the last screen is to verify all of the information and submitting the request.


6. Sumbit and the receipt will be automatically emailed to you.


The cycle will update and split into the assignments that have been paid out. The status of the transaction will show like below:


The early pay button will update to a receipt button where you can view the receipt until the transaction gets processed and then you can view the pay summary.

We hope that this release helps you and gives you more control over your finances.

The AxleHire team wants to thank you all for your hard work during these times. Please be safe and follow CDC guidelines.


The AxleHire Team