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Dispatch & On-Time Delivery

Posted October 19, 2019

On-time delivery (OTD) is and always be the #1 goal of AxleHire.

A late delivery by a driver is a breach of contract, is unacceptable and could result in account deactivation.

The main responsibilities of the dispatch team are:


Ensure all deliveries are
delivered on time.

In order to accomplish this, the Dispatch team will:

  1. Determine if a driver will make their deliveries on time
  2. Unassign/reassign drivers from a route if the driver does not pick-up at a reasonable time
  3. Assign/reassign a driver who can make a delivery on time

Driver communication.

  1. Assist a driver in every aspect of a delivery
  2. Contact drivers in order to determine estimated time of arrival
  3. Inquire if a driver is available to take another route

The dispatch team is here to help and we ask for your help by answering the call when it comes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to AxleHire dispatch at 1-855-249-7447 for assistance.


AxleHire Dispatch Team