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The future of urban same-day delivery.

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Why AxleHire?

Let's redefine urban logistics.

Efficient and Affordable

Using a proprietary routing algorithm, we decreased transport costs over 30%, and relay these price breaks to our clients.

Customer Oriented

Our primary focus is making sure that your customers are happy - with custom time windows and personalized notifications.

Scalable Volume

Businesses rely on us at any stage of their growth. We're happy to grow with you or take over an existing operation.

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AxleHire is a modern day, cutting edge local delivery service which specializes in last mile delivery – the most challenging problem in the delivery business.

We cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from e-commerce sites to brick and mortars, hardware stores to tech behemoths. AxleHire’s endgame is the same either way. It’s about speed and reliability. We handle any and all local delivery needs, and offer time-scheduled windows for delivery as well as real-time interface for all our clients so that you can track and monitor any delivery.

AxleHire utilizes proprietary routing algorithms, and applies it to their delivery strategies to make the challenges of local delivery just…go away. Urban Logistics is what we call it, and it is revolutionizing the way deliveries are made. AxleHire offers businesses a way to ship locally that’s: easy, fast, seriously affordable.

We designed our algorithms to optimize local shipping - otherwise known as the last mile.

We’ve taken away the need for local warehouses, and make it easy to ship directly from stores to customers nearby.

Use Cases

AxleHire is a perfect solution for a variety of different business types.


Integrating us into your check-out process is easy. After an order is placed online, it is funneled into our system and queued for delivery.

Subscription Food

We know what your customers want, and are suited to serve their needs. If your diet plan needs to be there before their workout, we can handle that too.


Want to please your customers? Offer same-day delivery for products purchased in-store, with scheduled time windows that your customers choose.

B2B Distribution

Does your business serve other businesses? We provide time-sensitive arrangements for items of any size, with an understanding of custom needs.

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